Lucky 11




Lucky 11

For tickets and information, contact:

Carol Greenwalt



Stan Behnken



Sacred Heart Lucky 11 Fundraiser

What is this?

The Sacred Heart Glyndon Lucky 11 is a parish-sponsored fundraising club. The purpose of the club is to support the needs of Sacred Heart Parish and School as well as St. Charles Borromeo not included in the regular budget.


How does it work?

Only 1,000 tickets will be sold. There will be drawings from February through May based on the Maryland Pick 3 Wednesday drawings. In weeks 1-10, there will be two winners of $250 each. The first drawing will be the morning "pick three" winner, and the second drawing will be the evening "pick three" winner.


In week 11, there will be 2 winners of $1,000 each. The first drawing will again be the morning "pick three" winner, and the second drawing will be the evening "pick three" winner.


Tickets are $25 each. This entitles you to a chance to share in the prize money for all 11 weekly drawings.


There are 11 weeks of Cash Prizes from $250 - $1,000 each campaign!


Approximately 20 parishioners are "sellers", and they have tickets available for you to purchase. You can also get them from Carol Greenwalt at the Parish Center!


How do I get involved?

The easiest way to get involved is simply to buy a ticket. Look for our announcements in the weekly bulletin, or contact!


How have we helped the parish?

In a recent year, Msgr. Aiken and Fr. Okeke did research for installing a Video Monitoring System in the Gathering Space so that those who are unable to come into the Main Church and participate in the Mass will be able to do so! Unfortunately funds were not available at that time. Msgr. Aiken asked if we might possibly help with this mission.


Thanks to the support of our ticket holders (the former 21 Club), we were able to help finance this project, and the newly installed system is up and running.


These are some other ways the Lucky 11 Fundraiser (and the former 21 Club) have been helpful in the recent history of the Church:

  • New siding for the Rectory
  • New cafeteria tables for the school
  • New stove for the School
  • New pianos for school and Church
  • Replaced carpet in Church
  • New cafeteria trays for the School
  • New furniture in the Gathering Space