Religious Education




Religious Education


S. Cecilia Cyford, SSJ
Director of
Religious Education

Jeff Ment
Religious Ed. Assistant






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Religious Education

"All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children."  Isaiah 54:13



At the sacrament of Baptism, we promise to raise
our children in the Catholic faith.

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March 2020 — Coronavirus Update

We currently have NO Religious Education classes while all parish activities are cancelled and schools are closed.


Thankfully, our Pflaum "Gospel Weekly" lessons are available online for downloading to help us keep up with our faith formation at home as families when we have no religion classes! The teaching guides are also available.


Click here to view links to the lessons, remembering to use the appropriate edition for your child's grade ("Seeds", "Good News", etc.).


If you are asked for registration information, we continue to have good fortune with these login credentials:  User name: "PGW"   •   Password: "temporary"


You can also click below for information about registering, if you prefer.



Sacred Heart Parish is truly a family — rich in relationships that matter most. In our religious education program, we can grow, worship, learn, and reach out to each other in what is most important: the faith formation of our children! Faith begins in the home, and the catechists who volunteer in our programs are committed to helping parents form their young children in the ways and teachings of Jesus Christ.


At baptism, parents promise to accept the responsibility of training their children in the practice of the Catholic faith... teaching them to keep God's commandments by loving God and our neighbors. To help honor this promise, your children should be registered in our parish religious education program if they do not attend a Catholic school. We pray that you will also take an active role in nurturing the gift of faith in your children as a family. Raising them to love and follow Jesus and His church is the greatest gift you can give them - one that will remain in their hearts for a lifetime.


A two-year preparation is required for receiving the sacraments of Penance and Eucharist. These sacraments usually take place in the 2nd grade. In order to properly know their faith, children should complete eight years in our religious education program before moving into the high school and Confirmation programs. Though not required, pre-k and kindergarten classes are an excellent way for young children to begin learning about God and His love for us.


We encourage you to read about and explore the many wonderful programs and activities for children that are offered here at Sacred Heart. We invite you to consider joining us as volunteers in the very important and rewarding work of children's ministry. Come see why children are such a precious and vital part of Sacred Heart Parish!


Please click here for the latest Religious Education announcements
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Religious Education



We use the following Catholic faith formation program:

Learning Ladder

Summary of the Catholic concepts introduced and reinforced at each grade level


Scope and Lesson Sequence

Pre-K 3 & 4: "Seeds"      •     Grades K-1: "Promise"     •     Grades 2-3: "Good News"

Grades 4-6: "Venture"     •     Grades 7-8: "Visions"