Volunteer Screening Coordinator

Mary Lee McCusker




Sacred Heart Parish

P.O. Box 3672

Glyndon, MD 21701-3672




Please click below for complete volunteer instructions:


(ages 18+) WITH
substantial contact with children


(ages 18+) WITHOUT
substantial contact with children


(ages 14-17)





All Volunteers Must Be Approved!


Click here to view the Archdiocese of Baltimore's "Policy and Procedure Requirements".


Sacred Heart Parish/School (Glyndon)

Policy for All Volunteers, Ministries and/or Groups


"Volunteers WITHOUT Substantial Contact with Children" ("Voluntarios SIN Contacto Sustancial con los niños") applies to parish volunteers who are in, but not limited to, the following parish ministries:


"Volunteers WITH Substantial Contact with Children" ("Voluntarios CON Contacto Sustancial con los jóvenes") applies to parish and school volunteers who are in, but not limited to, the following ministries:


"Independent Contractor" applies to those individuals who have been contracted by a Parish Group/Ministry or the School Administration. These individuals would include, but are not limited to, the employees/staff members of the following organizations:

  • ABC Care, Inc. (before/after school care)*
  • Silver Knights Enrichment (school chess club)*
  • DJ’s (for school dances and/or parish events wherein children will be attending)*

*Please contact SHG's Volunteer Screening Coordinator (mmccusker@shgparish.org) for procedures and instructions before beginning service.



"Worthy of the Call" training and paperwork applies to all children/youth between the ages of 14-17 who wish to volunteer for any activity and/or ministry at the Parish and/or School.



Updated as of 2/14/2019